Deepen Understanding and Make Connections

 ·      The Indigo Institute creates a learning experience based on reflection and action for schools, universities, and community organizations. 

·      Create equitable learning and workplace environments by facing the personal and historical challenges.

·      Participants recall their practices to plan and implement/construct new strategies

·      Teams and individuals will deepen their relationships, understanding and efficacy in building just learning environments.


1. Understand the past to create a just today. 

Human relationships and community are fundamental to our pedagogy and curriculum.

2. Equity is central to everything we do. Analysis of current paradigms and accepted    practices have to be scrutinized, understood and changed.

3. We are all part of the solution.

People learn to confront their problems and build creative solutions. This process takes time, patience and courage.  But we can

 do it!

4. Equity benefits everyone. Building equity is

democratic and includes all members of the community.