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The old Bapagrama school building is no longer useable space as the plaster has fallen from the ceiling and electricity is no longer allowed in the building. The local government approved a new, efficient sus- tainable plan for the new build- ing. The new building will house the classrooms, a new vocational room, a language teaching, computer and science room. All together there will be eight rooms. The estimated cost for the new building is $200,000.00. The foundation and retaining walls for the new building are in place thanks to a generous donation. In order to shift the children to a new location by May 2017, we need
your donations in order to continue the building project. We are aware that the world has many demands on us. However, this $200,000.00 is a drop in the bucket to continue an effort that was started in 1949 with great support and sacrifice. Please consider making a donation. Your tax deductible gifts are greatly appreciated